How many plugins can I use together?


I have had a request from a client to build quite a complex website and after using your plugins I am sure that you can supply all of the functionality, however by my reckoning i would use a high number of them so was wondering if you could validate the use of them all if i list them below:

Business Directory

Jobs Board (not sure you have this)

Affiliate Marketing

Google Maps


Marketpress Ecommerce Multisite


Pop Ups

Facebook Posts

Twitter Feeds

Additonal Requirement

Gift Vouchers (not sure you offer this)

Ad Rotate


Training Courses (not sure you offer this)


Support System/Forum

Additional Suggested

Global Site Search

Multisite Analytics

Admin Message

Terms of Service

Accept Cookies

Simple sitemaps for Multisite

Pay with a Like

Floating Social

Social Marketing

Infinite SEO

Ultimate Branding

The list is extensive but the site is a business directory with multi-site e-commerce aspect. It will list jobs, and requires various levels of access in terms of monthly, annual fees etc.

If this seems too much please let me know what I could remove.