How possible to use CoursePress Pro to host other training institue on WordPress site?


We are considering to use WordPress+CoursePress Pro to power online training for management courses. But I what to know if it can work or be hacked to enable network of training providers to;

1. upload their training courses just like classified ads/directory WordPress (with a button stating Host your course) with their own LMS limited options page to train about 25 persons online?

2. What requirement should we be prepare for to setup these type of LMS for training providers? Do we need a multisite and what kind server requirement are we looking to get?

3. Can WordPress be made to handle this type of niche site?

Actually, our firm setup this site (not on WP) a training site where management institutions can upload their upcoming courses. It now seems the tide is changing to online courses as some of the training providers are using WordPress to teach courses online instead of coming to physical class. My boss being a strategic exec. asked if it possible to setup something like .But we want a situation to empower training providers to tech online via our site. Possible with CoursePress Pro?

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