How To Export 2 Sites to live in WPMU 2.8.4 to later be imported into a fresh install of WPMS 3.0.1


I currently have WPMU 2.8.4 and would like to do a fresh install of WPMS 3.0.1

We have 2 sites that have a lot of hours of work on them and would like to import them after the fresh install. Just need to know exactly what I have to do to export the sites, then to import into the fresh install.

This question was started in another thread that initially started with another topic and I think it must be a topic to be discussed in a separate thread for the benefit of others:

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As masonjames kindly explained at said thread:

WordPress has this feature built in under Tools>Export.

Just export each site’s database and a copy of your themes and blogs.dir to your computer. The export feature does not export any photos and since you’ll be removing the old site, you won’t be able to import them, so backing up the blogs.dir (and any other directory where you’ve stored photos or uploads) is important.

Do a fresh install of WordPress. Re-create the each site’s name and add your themes back into place. Import the XML file you created earlier into each site. Add back the photos and you’re done. Brand new install with all your old data.

Alternatively there are plugins available to do this, which are not normally recommended for network installs, but will work if you’re only using a couple sites. Do a search for backup buddy and you should find one. It’s not free, but should do the trick as well.

I just checked the link at:

and is quite confuse and lacks of detailed instructions.

@masonjames: First, thank you so much for trying to help.

When you said:

Just export each site’s database

did you meant go to Cpanel and what ticks/options should I check in phpmyadmin to perform the sql backup?

Really don’t know how to “export each site’s database”. Or when you said “export each site’s database” you mean I just have to click on Tools>Export and save the XML and that’s it? I just did the export and save the XML, save the blogs.dir and themes folders. Also I made a full backup in case something happens.

An Step By Step tutorial will be great. Or is this issue such a simple thing to do that with the Export instructions supplied at: everything should be ok?

Please note that English is not my first language so I hope I expressed myself clear.

Thanks again.