How to fix DNS issue on subdomain blogs in WPMU (Especially in cpanel) – Without using Wildcard DNS

Hello Everyone,

If you are getting a DNS issue even after adding a wildcard DNS to your domain, Please follow the below steps to fix the problem. (I have tested it and it works fine)

The below steps will help you to add a wildcard redirect to your site, if you do not want to mess up with, or are not comfortable with DNS zone editor

Simply Do the below:

Go to cpanel >> Subdomains.

Add a subdomain called *

Change the document root of the subdomain to the document root of

That will redirect all your subdomain requests to and you will no longer face the DNS issues :slight_smile:

I just resolved a thread pending for a long time by this approach.

A request from the support folks, if you could, as this issue occurs a lot, please mark this post as sticky for sometime so that anyone who is looking for support or help on the issue might notice it and get benefited :slight_smile: