How to hide Slide in once seen or if already subscribed?


I’ve been playing with the Slide In plugin on our test install before launching on our live site and have a couple questions…

We’ve been using the Pop Up plugin, and intend to keep doing so for another purpose, but I want to start using Slide In primarily for it’s MailChimp subscription functionality.

Once subscribed, however, the user will still be presented with the Slide In the next time they visit. Kinda annoying…

Pop Up has the option to hide a popup once it has been seen x number of times. I see no such variable in the Slide In settings.

Slide Ins also have a “close” button, but there is no “dismiss” link like in Pop Ups that will permanently hide the message from appearing again.

So… Is there currently any way to hide a MailChimp Subscribe Slide In from appearing again once the user is subscribed? Or, is there any way to only show a slide in x times? if not, please consider these feature requests.

Finally (sorry to change topics), MailChimp list subscription forms capture First and Last Name but these fields are not collected via the Slide in form. If there is no way to currently do this, please consider it another feature request.

Thanks in advance for any feedback!