How to Import a blog?

There is a feature on a buddypress site that I found,, which has the functionality to either create a blog (standard) OR Add your existing blog.

It appears that when you add your existing blog, which works via RSS, that the added blogs content and updates appear within your sitewide activity, etc.

It will be a very powerful feature to add to my site.

I spoke to the developer and he was kind enough to forward me the actual code, but it still needs a lot of customization that is beyond my level of expertise.

I know there is a import function from the dashboard and Edublogs mention it…

Import from other blogging sites – or export back to them.

import or export with easeDo you already have blogging sites up at places like Blogger, TypePad or LiveJournal? It’s not in the least bit difficult for you to import whole swathes of blogging goodness straight into your Edublogs blogs. There are simple step-by-step instructions in and if you want to export back to them – we’ve got that covered too… not that you’d ever want to of course. Or, you can just use the export feature to back up your blog.

Just wanted to know if anyone has a similar plugin or something that has already been created?