How to Make a Facebook App

**We lost some data on this thread, so I created a new one here**

To create a Facebook App, please be sure to log into

This *should* automatically log you into the developer portal. You will have to provide your password and set permissions.

Step 1: Visit click on Apps and you will see the option to “Create New App” click it

Step 2: Name your App. Doesn’t matter what you name it, Facebook will give you a “Valid” or “Failed” notice next to the box after finish typing it.

Step 3: Complete the App. See the pictures below. These are the only fields you need to complete.

Then, simply transfer your API information to whichever Plugin you are using and check that it all connects.

Please Note: You should only have to do this ONCE per site. You will not need to re-create or re-use this API information on any other plugins. All WMPU DEV plugins come with a built in checkbox where you can specify that you are using the Facebook API already via another plugin. Calling the API multiple times on the same site can create problems.