How to make ThemeForst themes faster

Hey WPMU DEV Team!

I decided to make this questions as a public thread so other WordPress developers could make use of the answer.

From time to time, I purchase ThemeForst themes which I use on my clients projects. These themes always come with a lot of great features. However, often it seems like the theme makes the website slow, since there are SO many features bundled into the theme; Features, which I often don’t need or am going to use.

So, I want to completely remove features which isn’t needed on the website to make the websiter faster. My coding logic says “Less features, faster website”. However, is that logic right? If so, what would be most useful to remove to make the website faster.

In other words; what in themes usual make the website slow? (E.g option panel, extended jQuery use, queries, etc.)

To give a real world example: I’m currently using a theme which has BuddyPress included. My client isn’t going to use the BuddyPress, so, would it do any good to remove the files to make the website faster?

I’m looking forward to hear back from you!