How to manage hosting for my wordpress sites?


I have a web hosting account with For the last two years, in my attempts to learn and know WordPress, I have done numerous things there… installing WordPress on addon domains, subdomains etc is one. Now my hosting account looks like a junkyard :slight_frown: with so many WordPress installations, unfinished sites, tons of files that we have no use of and I am not sure how many databases are there (and why they are there!)?

I once tried to clean it up a bit but managed to delete some file that was necessary for hosting features to function… incurring additional cost to get full backup of the hosting account and had all those files back in place :slight_frown:

So… I need HELP.

Please guide me through the process of cleaning the hosting account. What we want there is just three sites and files, databases related to just those three sites. I am quite hopeful from what I have heard about you people.