How to post on the users FB wall right after registration?

Hi wpmudev staff,

I need to know how to post on the user’s Facebook wall right after the registration.

As a comment in class_wdfb_model.php (line 278, right after the wdfb-user_registered do_action) says this can happen there.

I tried doing it with

$post = $username.” registrierte sich gerade auf…”; $this->post_on_facebook(“wall”, $this->get_current_user_fb_id(), $post);

but that did not work. I tried it with type “activity”, “notes”, etc. too.

So.. how is it done?

There is a second question and I’ve already asked for it, but didn’t get it managed yet how I want it. I need to map the “significant other” Checkboxes to Buddypress Checkboxes (well, more than two like on FB, but that should not matter). Unfortunately it does not work when using the same values, which was the solution for the gender dropdown box.

How would you code and where would you add that?

And the third issue is that the awesome Ultimate Facebook plugin loads the FB avatar, but then it is only shown in the login widgets. One is the Facebook Connect Widget and another is thirdparty. So I think the avatar is stored in the WordPress Profile, but does NOT show up in BuddyPress, which looks very odd. Is there a fast way to add it to BuddyPress too?

I thought it will be imported to it like all the fields and stuff.

Ok thank you. I am looking forward your answers.

Patrick Ruthard