How to reorder Levels in Membership Plugin?


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Is there not a feature on this tool to include a screenshot? I use screenshots extensively and video tools like Jing (.swf files suck, I know, but Jing is handy) I could have sent a screenshot or video or may wish to in the future?

My question is about how to reorder the Levels in the Membership plugin?

The problem seems to be that when I first installed WPMUD Membership, of course I didn’t know what I was doing and didn’t have a plan and was just poking around, so I created a few Levels, then deleted some, so now the Level IDs are out of order and David already confirmed that the Level IDs cant be edited and sorta dont need to be edited, but I would like to get the Membership Levels in order on the screen because we give the Levels names that are sort of descriptive but may vary from project to project or may be changed over the life of the project

Isn’t there a way to drag and drop (reorder) the membership levels the same way lots of WordPress tools allow the user to drag and drop things like sidebar elements and so forth?

Do I have to uninstall the Membership plugin and then reinstall and carefully add back the Levels in order to get the Level IDs in order and the Levels in order on the screen? That would be kinda clunky, don’t you think? Maybe this is a newbie question and there is an easy way to reorder Mem Levels? Hope so


I have checked the toggle to be notified of follow up posts, but do I have to log in to read the replies every time or will the email include a copy of both my question and the reply?

Also, it looks like Mr. James Farmer made me a Discount Offer on the day(2014-03-19) I paid the $19 for this Test Flight of the Membership plugin, which we like so far and are hoping to use for a bunch of sites

Unfortunately, I was traveling on the day I signed up and didn’t even get the Discount Offer or read it for 5 or 6 days

Wanna offer me the Big Discount again please?