How to show URL source link from AutoBlog Plugin?

When I create a new entry for AutoBlog Plugin I can select a phrase to be placed at the bottom of each post as a link to the original url that the content is coming from.

So for example, if I choose: “See more here”, then after each post autoblog plugin creates I will have a phrase with “See more here” as a Link with the original URL that this post came from the RSS feed.

Ok that’s standard.

What I want to do:

Take a look at this code first:

I looked into the AutoBlog plugin trying to find a solution to my problem, I discovered that there’s a function that collect the URL of each RSS entry and appends it to each post content, so after each post we have the url with the value I added when creating the feed entry at the WP dashboard.

// This function appends the source to the bottom of the content if it exists.

function append_original_source( $content ) {

global $post;

if(empty($post)) {

return $content;


$source = get_post_meta( $post->ID, ‘original_source_link_html’, true );

if(!empty($source)) {

$content .= “<p>” . $source . “</p>”;


return $content;


I want to be able to place something like: <php get_the_source( echo $source ); ?> at any place inside my blog or better inside “the loop” (home page or singlepage.php) and have only the phrase “See more here” displayed at the location I place that code.

It can be only the URL, no problem too.

This code <php get_the_source( echo $source ); ?> is only one invention. This doesn’t work, and it’s only to help understanding.

I want to be able to place a piece of code like that inside my page that will generate/display/show only that external URL from each post added via AutoBlog.