How to Style the Live Chat Box & how to set private chat


For the Chat Plugin, can you advise how I can style it to achieve the following:

1. Increase the height of the header which contains the title e.g. 'We are online..' Please see attached screenshot.

2. Currently, the message is right at the edge. See attached screenshot. Is there a way to add some padding/margin?

3. How can I add an attention grabber like the Live Chat box in WPMUDEV Live Support that says something like 'Got questions?"

Also, I discovered that the WPMUDEV chat is a open room chat where everyone in the network can see the full conversation. Can you advise how to set 1 to 1 private chat?

Finally, there is a 'Settings Site' and a 'Settings Dashboard'. Under the 'Settings Site', we can enable or disable the chat for WPAdmin Dashboard. As for 'Settings Dashboard', whether I enable or disable it, nothing appears. It does not seems to impact anything or deliver anything. Can you advise what is this 'Settings Dashboard' for? I read in detail the documentation but it does not explain Settings Dashboard.

Please advise.