How to use conditional tags to hide anything located in /store/ or after

I have added a snippet of custom code into my website to show the featured image of a page to be located under my menus

The code I used for both the functions and the php call is:

// Enable post thumbnails


set_post_thumbnail_size(1045, 200, true);

add_image_size(‘loopBanner’, 1045, 200, true);

<div><?php the_post_thumbnail(‘loopBanner’:wink:; ?></div>

Now, I would like to know if there is a way to hide this featured image for anything with the url /store/, /store/products, etc.

I ask because I need to have a featured image to show items for the MarketPress plugin as a product image, but when I click on the product and I’m taken to the single product page I get this problem –

I’ve searched and searched and haven’t yet found a way to keep the featured image from appearing on those page under the menu. I’m sure it’s probably something incredibly simple that I may have either overlooked or not thought of. I also would (and may have to) use the conditional tag for page and category numbers but that could prove to be tougher in the long run as the site becomes extensively developed.

Any and all help is fully welcomed.