How would you set up a to-do list?

I want to create a to-do list for “full” site editors to make welcome and indoctrinate new editors.

The form would look like this:

[ ] Welcome message sent

[ ] Invite to FB group

[ ] Review the initial submission

[ ] Rate the initial submission

[ ] Send feedback and suggestions on the initial submission

[ ] Schedule Skype call

[ ] Share notes from the Skype call

Since any item could be completed and then returned to, a simple form would not do the trick, since previous checked items submitted (even by another editor) would not be reflected in a new form.

The ultimate goal would be to have a page that lists the new editors who have not gotten all 8 check boxes (for instance) and what is missing. Then any “full editor” could do an item and update the record of the user who is being indoctrinated.

What would you suggest to create this checklist management tool in WordPress?

Thanks in advance,