HUGE amount of BOT registrations. Non stop by the second.

I have looked and there are all kinds of suggestions for spam.

Believe when I say that I have tried them all …every plug in and nothing is stopping this particular attack that I have going on right now.

I have tried every setting and every option and each time, I just allow registrations for a matter of seconds and 20 new spam registrations come through. They are coming in faster than I can delete them.

Like some kind of automatic military weapon.

I have never seen it this bad.Fake email addresses, and an unending supply of IP addresses. I can’t block them all.

I can’t be the only one and I know that someone out there have a buddypress site that is not getting attacked every second of everyday.

Please share how you are stopping the bots.

By the way, what happened to the registration email confirmations?