Hummingbird cache problem?

I have been trouble with an image on my web page. Here is what was found by troubleshooting by Slocumstudio.

How do I correct this problem. Now I am having problems with my front page.


After taking a look at your site we found that the background image is loaded, but it is being overwritten by a different set of styles.These styles that are overwriting your background image come from a caching plugin called Hummingbird. The caching plugin is saving your old styles which is now overwriting all of the new changes you would like to make. We suggest clearing the cache from the Hummingbird plugin, if that does not work try temporarily deactivating the plugin to see if that fixes the issue. Attached are screenshots that will guide you through how we came to the conclusion that the Hummingbird plugin is causing caching issues.


Thank you!

Jason Bechtold

Community Support


On Sat, 30 Jul at 11:04 AM , Lawrence <> wrote:

I placed and image in the secondary header background. The image shows up in the backend but when I go to on another machine to view it on the front end it does not show up. Can you help me with this?