Hummingbird files on the Serve static assets

I am getting a whole lot of files with Hummingbird CDN url on the Serve static assets with an efficient cache policy. I have enabled Browser Caching but still it is showing these files. How can I cache these files?

And also for mobile view I am getting an image error on Properly size images, which should also be taken care of by Smuch CDN and also on the tab Eliminate render-blocking resources I am getting a file http://m************.com/wp-content/cache/et/2/et-core-unified-1567592838136.min.css which doesn’t appear on Asset Optimization.

So I can’t optimize it and Avoid enormous network payloads. I am getting the video files, which is normal because they are quite large.

However, I am getting one of the files slider.mp4 twice. Do you have any idea why this is happening?