[Hummingbird Pro] Paid specialist help


Hello WPMUDev team,

I am not a developer – just an ordinary person who built my own company website. I am struggling to optimise my website. Can you introduce a feature whereby I can hire for some specialist help? Obviously, the free help available is exceptional and it makes your company the much-appreciated place that it is, but I can’t see someone sitting with me for hours using the trial and error approach of deferring items to the footer, and don’t get me started on ihn-line CSS. I don’t have a clue what to do! I have hired freelancers via Upwork, but they aren’t Hummingbird experts. They disable Humming bird and use other plugins, and this isn’t working for me either.

Getting performance and page speed up is very tricky for me, and I think offering an affordable service that does this for people like me would be fantastic.

Best wishes