I am not getting notifications when new members join

I rolled out my membership site officially today, and three members have set up their accounts. I have about 80 people who prepaid outside of the Membership payment gateways, and so I set up hidden membership levels for them to just go in and “activate” the accounts for now.

I did not get any notification about this. I don’t know if this is a Membership issue or a WordPress issue in general. I’ve gotten notification in the past when new users “subscribe” to my site, so I’m thinking maybe this isn’t even a Membership problem. But I can’t find a setting anywhere that says “notify me” when new WP members and/or Membership members join.

I assume that if they had used a “payment” gateway account where money changed hands, I would have at least received a notification of a payment received, which could have alerted me to their presence, but since these are all seen as “$0.00” accounts right now, they are happening totally silently for me.

What am I missing?