I am using a multisite installation with MarketPress

I am using a multisite installation with MarketPress activated on a sub site:


When I first installed MarketPress, in marketpress/marketpress-includes/plugins-gateway/eway.php, the payment pages were:



This resulted in a Currency is not valid or not allowed; error. This because I am charging in GBP and using eWay UK. I changed the Gateway Mode to sandbox and changed the currency to AUD and that works fine.

eWay UK has different hosted payment pages to AU and NZ. According to this document (http://www.eway.co.uk/docs/api-documentation/sharedpaymentpagedocuk.pdf), the payment pages are:



I went into the plugin code and changed the payment pages hoping this would be the solution. But now, the checkout jumps straight to order review without going through eWay.

Can a developer please check out the eWay payment gateway and see if it works for eWay UK and GBP? You can check out my test installation here: