I can not open the 133 them package


I need help please with some questions.

1. For some reason I can not open the 133 them package (343283_farms-133-theme-pack- zipped file. the system says it is empty. The file has 10,322 KB in it. Any ideas how to open it?

Note: The 343283_wpmu-dev-dashboard-3.4.6 file opened just fine.

2. Is there a way to see how the themes looks like before we upload them to the website?

3. I have multi domain shared hosting plan. The main domain is Ma33a.com. I have several addon WP domains which I would like to control with WP Multisite Network Administration. I installed the WP multisite but I can’t figure out how to ADD the Addon site to the network (arabschurch.org). I might sit it up wrong. How can I fix that please?