Error finding Global Database after Multi DB setup

I followed the process of creating all my databases (and it was headache due to Plesk) and I configured everything according to the useage information.

But for whatever reason, I’m getting an error on my site: Error finding a global database

I ran the move-blogs.php script and that checks out fine. I can access my global database with phpmyadmin using the same creds that are shown in my db-config.php file.

Since this is a local host, should I be using:

add_dc_ip('', 'dc1'); or add_dc_ip('localhost', 'dc1'); ?

And what should be used here:

add_db_server('global', 'dc1', 1, 1,'localhost', 'mydb', 'myuser', 'mypass'); ?

I’ve tried different combinations for add_dc_ip and for add_db_server, with, My server's IP and localhost

Was I supposed to do anything with the db connection info in wp-config? In it, my db host is defined: define('DB_HOST', 'localhost');