I have created my own subscription page including

I have created my own subscription page including the shortcode to create buttons and it works fine.

I have tried to include it in an access level (tried all 3 of them) and its not there. I thought it was because it only displays the 1st 50 so I checked your posts and changed the config.php to set it to 100 and it has done that.

I have 56 pages and it is only showing 52 for some reason and the subscriptions page I created is one of them.

I have checked the Membership page options and its not set there.

The link to this page is in the main menu on the landing page and because I can’t set it to be visible for any level including visitor then it is protected and nobody can subscribe as it says the page is protected.

Can you help please.

P.S. One thing I have noticed is that I have 2 buttons on the landing page pointing the my subscriptions page and they work, the page is not protected when I go through the buttons but is when I go through the menu.