I just finished my


I just finished my trial and started to pay for the service. I've been having trouble with Smartcrawl. I get the attached screenshot error every time I run the test. I've also attached the screenshot of website links (on my website), which is what shows when I click "fix."

I've called my hosting company, which is Bluehost, and they said they aren't sure what's going on or how to fix it. They said sometimes I just need to refresh or re-save the content. (Really? That seems cumbersome.) I'm really confused because the web addresses existing because they were never redirects – the permalinks have never changed.

When I checked out the posts on WPMU DEV site for information it wasn't too helpful. I particularly attempted to check out this post and the "USAGE" option (as opposed to "DETAIL":wink: but unfortunately those screen shots are out of date :disappointed: and I was disappointed in feeling like I just kept hitting road blocks: https://wpmudev.com/project/smartcrawl-wordpress-seo/

I need help – I want to use the functionality of the plugins I'm paying $40/month for but I am finding it's a little challenging to set up if it doesn't run properly on the first go-around.