I need help customizing my theme


Help! I’m definitely a newbie to customizing WordPress themes. I may not have picked the best theme from your collection for my purposes. I chose Blue Zinfandel Enhanced because I really needed a three-column theme. As you go through my questions and realize another theme would be better, please let me know.

First, I’m not sure if you can see my site via this support page from my Dashboard, sooooo, here it is: http://www.unitedcreditunion.org/

On to my questions, which I think are mostly easy to fix, but I thought you would be able to answer them quicker than I could figure them out myself :-0 …

1. How do I change the navigation font color? I want it to be white, but I can’t tell which div allows me to do that.

2. How do I change the sub navigation … background color, width, font size and color, etc.

3. How do I remove the little calendar? It’s cute, but this site is mostly going to be static and a date seems irrelevant

4. I need each navigation and some of the subheads to have different information in the left and right sidebars. Can I do that with this theme?

5. I can’t seem to get rid of that little white padding or margin between the header and the nav bar. I want them to be flush against each other.

6. I’d like the header to be clickable to return to the home page

7. Once you click on pages from the nav bar, at the bottom of each post it shows (I’m assuming) the next and previous posts. I’d really like that to be specific to each section (i.e. Loans would list Auto Loans in one direction then personal loans in another. Do I need to go to each post and number them in order?

8. If not, how can I remove that feature?

9. And … I need to change the footer to be more specific to my client. I’m sure that’s easy, too …

Thanks for your help!