I seripusly need a Danish Translation for Events, is there

Hi guys,

I seriously need a Danish Translation for Events, is there any around?

I’m using the plugin in a yootheme but t seems my Poedit does not work (at least no changes are reflected in the plugin after save) – like it does not save the translation I make. And when clicking update, poedit crashes – every time!

For this I hope there already is a Danish translation somewhere?

Also, I’m having doubts by now as to what to call the translation?

I have tried eab-da_DK.mo/.po, da_DK.mo/.po…

When using a plugin like Codestylign localisation it does not work either and have a dealine for wednesday, so am getting a bit desparate :wink:

For info, I have tried uploading the files from this link https://wpmudev.com/forums/topic/danish-translation-available but it still does not work :disappointed:

Site can be seen here (not done) http://designlabcphcom/ramsoe/ … Can provide admin access if needed…

Really hope someone can help.