I'd like to provide a bit of info on how to use Membership as a stock image shopping cart


You allow people to answer questions and such, but you give no venue that I am aware of for current users to submit tutorials about creative uses of your products to do different things that the software was not intended to do, but can be done with a bit of creative usage.

I am creating a stock image site with multiple image sizes available for download. I didn’t recode a darned thing, I simply got a bit creative and added a few plug-ins and other coding to make this work quite well. I suggest that this might be useful info for other clients to know about, as it promotes your product as being far more versatile than is initially apparent.

An example can be reviewed here if you check it out and then click on an available image: http://parmaimagecollection.com/store/asia/turkey

If you click on any thumbnail on this page, you’ll see the actual product page with three size options (which are actually three different products creatively placed). The options appear to be size-specific, but if you look at the actual links to the products, you’ll see a very different SEO friendly tale.

I would simply like to tell people how to do this. If you think it is too obvious, please ignore me. However, I think a LOT of people who are even more simple than I am would love to know how I did this with MarketPress.

Could you simply make a forum for us simple folk, to pass on suggestions to people who are even more simple?

If this forum is already up, then it should be promoted, ’cause I don’t know a thing about it.