I'd like to provide "forms" to fill out on a variety of Questions…

I’d like to provide “forms” to fill out on a variety of Questions…

What would be the easiest way to ask a question, poll, survey, etc on a specific page or post?

For example. one wpmu network site I have planned, I’m about to start posting content, to get it started. It is to assist others in a community. All kinds of things to help them, their members, following, etc to communicate and share.

As I get the different sections of the site started, like “Community/Announcements” & “Community/Events”, I what to have that working, and promote it. Then when people start coming to find out about that, I what them to answer a Question on How Can We Help You, Your Business, Your Organization, interest or cause?

I’d probably ask them about specific features, like what your plugins will allow. Ask them, which of these “features” would you find most useful to you …

I know I can use the “Poll” plugin, and I might, but regardless, I’d like to be able to have misc forms for them to fill in. Maybe to be placed into a database, like for a Plant species and uses database, entry form.

I hope you get the idea.