help setting up appointment+


Im having some difficulties understanding how to set up the whole thing..

I have 25 staff members, 8 in every shift.

I have 8 rooms:

1x double with Japanese tub

1x double with tub

1x double VIP with tub

2x double VIP no tub

3x single

My problem is how to set which service goes to which room, I have only 1 option to select in address, for ex: I have a service “1 hour massage + 1 hour bath” it can goes in any of the double rooms with tub (3 kinds: double with Japanese, doube with tub, double VIP with tub), the only way I could figure out is to user service providers as rooms, then I can select for each one which services the room provides, but now im missing the option to set a service to staff member.

Im confused. should i set it with capacity?

in the meantime i tried to reset and start from scratch, i set all service providers as workers this time, now i dont have an option to charge extra for vip rooms.

on top all that i have another thing, i need to enable different options for each service:

– duration – for every massage there are 4 duration options – 45min, 60min, 75min, 90min

– extra relaxation time – for every massage there is an option to extend the service 60min

– extra cost for vip rooms – there should be an option to select vip room for extra charge

in my understanding the only way to do so is by creating lots of (LOTS OF) services – 1 for each combination (variation).

please help me sort it out im lost