I'm following your instructions for how to build a facebook-style members-only site with WP and

First, understand that I came in on the middle of site development, and I’ve had to sort through what happened before me. There may be some issues related to that. Here’s what I ran into with your instructions thus far: 1) For the custom page template, my page.php file didn’t look exactly like your example in terms of the footer. I seem to have another “if” statement – not sure why. I’m not sure if it makes a difference, but I thought it might. I can send that code if needed.

2) In creating the custom landing page, I copied the registration folder from parent theme to child, backed up the register.php file, then I looked for the code you said to remove – but I don’t have this code in my register.php file. The code you said to remove is:

<div id=”content”>

<div class=”padder”>

Not sure if there’s something else I should remove or if this was already removed for some reason before I got involved. Your help with this would be appreciated. I was considering tearing the site completely apart, getting rid of BP and starting over, but I hate to do that if I can make your suggested method work with what I already have. Thanks!