I'm getting two errors with wp-debug

In the settings panel of my plugin I have a check-box to set defaults upon reactivation of the plugin. I’m get two errors in the settings panel with WP_Debug set to true.

Notice: Undefined index: chkbox1 in /home/hdomains39/public_html/hyper.domains/wp-content/plugins/wptld/wptld.php on line 84

Notice: Undefined variable: checked in /home/hdomains39/public_html/hyper.domains/wp-content/plugins/wptld/wptld.php on line 85

Here are the two lines of code.

line -84  if($options['chkbox1']) { $checked = ' checked="checked" '; }
line -85 echo "<input ".$checked." id='setting_chk1_wptld' name='wptld_options[chkbox1]' type='checkbox' />";

I have played around with it to find a fix but I thought I would turn to the pros. :slight_smile: