I'm hitting htaccess security, but not sure from where

Since installing Domain Mapping, I’m having two problems which are likely related.

1) The new domains are asking me for username and password with a dialog box from the browser (e.g., caused by htaccess restriction (says “Restricted Area”:wink:

2) superadmins cannot log into the wordpress admin for individual sites. (wordpress security).

I have already checked htaccess at:

/var/www/ (there’s no user security here)

/var/www/wp-admin/ (there’s no htaccess here)

I don’t see anywhere else that this htaccess security may be. What did I miss?

I do see a .htpasswd at /etc/apache2/ but when I remove that, it causes more issues.

I could really use a more easy to understand step by step on how to install Domain Mapping and Multi-user WP 4.1 …. on a completely fresh setup.