I'm new to the community and fairly new to WordPress!


I’m new to the community and fairly new to WordPress! I’ve used other software in the past, and can honestly say WordPress has become my favorite. The community is fantastic and the plugins, expandability of the software is just amazing.

I wanted to ask the community for suggestions about my current site and the direction I’d like to take it.

I run my gaming community website on WordPress now and transitioned from IPB. IPB is a great piece of propriety software, but the lack of support and the need to have a masters degree in coding is off putting.

I migrated my IPB forums over to WordPress/bbpress. Using some plugins to expand the functionality of bbpress, I think I’ve got it to a point where I like it.

My goal is to offer guild/clan hosting or subdomains through my gaming community site.

I currently have multisite installed and have 1 guild using a subdomain to host their guild site. They’re really nice people and so they’re very patient with me. It also didn’t help that I had a server crash and had to reinstall the entire website. (I’ve since switched over to a manged vps with great support)

Currently, I’ve set up a support subdomain and am starting to publish “how to’s” and have a ticket system and ask a question system in place for them to use. Right now, I’m very much involved with creating/maintaining the site for them which is what I don’t want to do. I would like to spend my time getting my community advertised vs supporting small things.

One thing I noticed, is the group I’m hosting, will ask for expanded functionality via a plugin. I have to take the time to find one that works, without causing a slow down of my site or network due to out dated code.

I also noticed that WordPress out of the box doesn’t have user roles like other cms’s and forum software have. This is something I’d like to add for my site that integrates with bbpress and a possible membership plugin at a later date. The main purpose is to restrict bbpress forum sections from specific groups of people. I am using one plugin that accomplishes this to an extent, but the user is limited to only one group. So if I create a user role group “Group A” , a user can’t be in “Group A” and “Group B” which is something I’d like to restrict bbpress categories and forums.

So, ideally I’d like my site to function as a “portal page” for my gaming community while supporting smaller guilds/clans by allowing them to create a subdomain or host their website with me via wordpress. Later, I’d like to add tier hosting plans aka Free (ads) Paid (no ads).

So, I’m not sure if I should start over from scratch to get rid of the cluttered database(unused/deleted/disabled plugins etc)or not.

Thanks again, sorry I wrote so much I just didn’t now how to explain my situation without going into a very detailed description.