Implementation of Supporter and Membership Plugins

I’m looking for some advice on implementing Supporter and Membership plugins. I’m comfortable and happy with the plugins themselves, but wonder if I can get some advice on an overall monetization strategy.

To begin, I’m creating a social network at My hope is to bring folks together who are interested in changing the way we do business by focussing on what we call Authentic Business. That is, businesses that find profit through the pursuit of a profound and positive purpose. Incsub is arguably an authentic business in that its focus is to provide the best quality tools and support for WordPress users. Toms Shoes is another favorite of mine, a company that donates a pair of shoes for each one it sells. In fact, for authentic businesses like Toms, their positive purpose becomes a selling point for their products. That is, customers feel good about buying from them because they are helping the underprivileged in developing countries.

I’m looking to monetize my site through a variety of ways, including Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, direct ad sales and product sales. I also believe there is an opportunity to find revenue through the appropriate implementation of Supporter and Membership plugins, but would appreciate some insight from those with more experience. Some of my bloggers have indicated they don’t want ads on their blogs, which says Supporter to me, but if I charge for blogging or membership, I’m afraid of losing content and participation. I’ve toyed with using Cubepoints to encourage participation and can see rewarding folks with discounts or free months for their participation, or implementing an ad revenue share, etc.

I haven’t released the site to the world or publicized at all yet. I want to try my best to get the revenue strategy correct before doing so. At some point I need to just try something and see how it works. Any thoughts on the subject much appreciated and apologies if there is a more appropriate forum for this question.