Improvements to the forum plugin?

It looks like the forums plugin has been pretty popular with Premium users:

Edublogs users like it too :slight_smile: Especially Campus sites!

Anyway, on that note we’ve had some requests for improvements to the way it operates, and I’d like to canvass members opinion on:

– What improvements you’d like to see

– What you think of other peoples requests

– How popular the plugin really is

So please weigh in… I’ll start with the improvements we’ve had requested:

– Image uploads / embeds (like have here)

– Basic WYSIWYG?

– Threading

– Email notification of posts to a particular thread (like subscribe to comments)

– Multiple feeds

– Some way of displaying a full width (e.g. 800px) forum version… maybe a popout?

Love to know others ideas / thoughts… naturally we can’t guarantee anything or timelines, but it’d be great to get feedback!

Cheers, James