Inactive users MUST be able to PAY, how to do it ?


I have thousands of subscribers per day. Only small % proceed with membership payment, high % remain as inactive. I am very happy in any case with this plugin!

I discovered that LOT of "inactive" members that skip the payment page, still attempt to login. The I decided to modify the "this account is inactive" message on the login page, adding a direct paypal button, see:

Result: INCREDIBLE! LOT of people are paying from this page. My conversion rate % increased suddenly after giving this second chance to pay.

Now, the problem is that this I am using direct paypal button link and every member that purchase through this PayPal buttons must me activated manually, because it is just a direct payment link.

My question:

HOW can I connect that button to the member account in order to have his accunt ACTIVE after he finish the payment? Just like the normal payment process does ?

Please help. If any payment is required to find the solution let me know.

Thank you !