Infinite SEO: Desparately needs title specification for FORUM TOPICS!

So, here’s the thing.

When I’m looking at a blog post, the title of the page is the title of the post. Makes sense.

I have not found ONE SINGLE SEO plugin that makes a BuddyPress forum topic’s page title be the title of the topic.

Including Infinite SEO. Infinite, like WordPress SEO by Yoast, just makes the topic’s title be the name of the group it’s in. :’-(

I expected that WPMU would be on top of this one, since Infinite is in many ways set up to deal with BuddyPress.

Sorry for the cranky post… I love WPMU but am at the end of my rope with this whole BuddyPress Forum Topic SEO conundrum.

Consider the feature SOLIDLY REQUESTED.

It should be

Forum Topic:

Topic Title: %%topictitle%% | %%groupname%% | %%sitename%%

Just like an email, think about it: the name of the thread is the title for the page.

Oofdah. Sorry, no specific hatred for WPMU here, just a situation that overall makes me flabbergasted.