Infinite SEO Sitemaps include unwanted urls from main site

We are running Multisite, the Infinite SEO plug-in is network activated, and I have this code in my wp-config.php define( 'WDS_SITEWIDE', false );

I am having problems with the Infinite SEO plug-in. This is happening on all networked websites. I am getting URL’s in the Sitemap for every one of our websites on the network that goes to our Main website. These look like BuddyPress profile urls even though we have that setting set to No. The main website should not have URL’s in the other websites sitemaps. The other URL’s are giving me errors with Google webmaster tools, and cannot be good for SEO purposes either.

I have gone through and Network Deactivated all plugins to see if this problem would go away and nothing changed after I deactivated all plugins.

See broken sitemap.xml here:

Attached is a picture of the broken sitemap.

Also I do not believe that there should be Buddypress settings in the Infinite SEO plugin admin panel for the admin of our networked websites.

Attached is a picture of what I am talking about.

Could you please check into this, I can’t wait to get my website into Google Search.