InfiniteWP vs MainWP vs ManageWP?

Just wondering what people are using for remote management of WordPress sites – either your own, or clients?

Around 6 months ago I set up a hosting server and started to offer hosting to a bunch of my clients. As part of the service do managed WordPress updates for core WP and plugins (from, not premium plugins in general) for a small extra monthly fee.

This is super easy to do with a centralised management control panel that notifies of any updates required and let’s you easily and effortlessly update all of your sites from the one management control panel.

I started off using but was put off by the monthly cost. While it’s not much per site it adds up quickly.

For the last 4 months I’ve been using InfiniteWP ( Overall I quite like InfiniteWP but have experienced some strange issues with certain client sites refusing to update plugins and backups failing. Unfortunately I missed out on the lifetime deal by a week so the other downside is the cost of all of the addons which are currently $799 up front and then 50% again each year. This cost will continue to rise with each new addon released. :slight_frown:

However, today I just stumbled across a new player I hadn’t heard for before – MainWP –

In many ways it’s similar to InfiniteWP – offering remote management, one click admin logins, uptime monitoring, automated backups to Amazon S3 etc. The major differences are that it runs in WordPress (as opposed to InfiniteWP which is a custom php script) and all the extensions are a one time fee each with lifetime updates.

So for approx $200 I picked up all of the extensions for MainWP today. After testing if I decide to switch from InfiniteWP for client site management I’ll be saving at least $350+ each year ongoing.

MainWP doesn’t yet offer a client reporting extension (send to clients so they can see the updates & backups that have been made) but one is in development.

So far I’m extremely impressed with MainWP but need more testing to make sure plugin upgrades and remote backups to Amazon S3 etc run smoothly.

Has anyone else here used MainWP and InfiniteWP? Any thoughts on the pros and cons of each?

In particular I’m interested to hear from anyone who has experienced problems with MainWP – particularly failed remote backups which I’ve been frustrated by with InfiniteWP.

Final note: if anyone is interested in MainWP the 25% coupon offer that was supposed to end a few days ago is still working although it might stop working at any time. Drop me a line if you would like the coupon code.