Instructions Do Not Reflect Actuality

I want the individual’s items posted to show up on the main site page which is what I thought FrameMarket would do. How do I create my overall site to show the products listed from the users on the front page?

The instructions are to install FrameMarket on the Network – not on the site. Also, the instructions are different than the dashboard.

It seems to me that if I install FrameMarket on the network, it’s not going to do what I want on the site.

Please see below for the instructions from the FrameMarket page and then below that, what is on my dashboard.

The instructions read:

” If you’re using multi-site you’ll need to visit Network Admin -> Themes and Activate it there.

For the GridMarket Child Theme

Inside wp-content/themes/framemarket you’ll see another directory entitled themes with a gridmarket folder. Move this folder to the same wp-content/themes directory to match framemarket as shown below:

BEFORE: wp-content/themes/framemarket/themes/gridmarket

AFTER: wp-content/themes/gridmarket”

The dashboard reads:

Select FrameMarket FrameMarket

Network Enable | Edit | Delete

Parent theme for all MarketPress themes – don’t use directly please use children themes

Version | By Tammie Lister – WPMU DEV – The WordPress Experts | Visit Theme Site

Select FrameTheme FrameTheme

Network Enable | Edit | Delete

Getting framey with it.

By Kai Ackermann | Visit Theme Site