Invalid argument – wp-content/db.php on line 263 oops

I am having trouble getting the combination of Multi Database, Multi Domain and Domain Mapping working successfully on a new installation.

I am using the latest version of WordPress (3.1.2) using subfolders for multisite and the the latest version of a number of MUDEV plugins with a RocketTheme theme Panacea (network enabled) using the Gantry Framework (enabled on a per site basis only)

The other (non MUDEV) extensions are Tiny MCE Advanved, XCloner, Gravity Forms and the Rok plugins used by the Panacea theme

So far I have done the following:

1. Created 16 databases plus the global database using CPanel. The global database is nicely populated with all the plugins installed since.

2. Installed and Multi Domain and Domain Mapping. Overwritten sunrise.php using dm-sunrise.php and added the line define( 'SUNRISE', 'on'); to wp-config.php

3. Entered the dedicated IP address for the main site in Network Admin Settings

4. Added a domain to Multi Domain (Public) and added a * A record pointing to the dedicated IP address of the main site

5. Tried unsuccessfully to add a new site using – I got sent to and a 404 page on save.

6. Successfully added a new site

7. Went to the list of sites and got the error Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/main/public_html/wp-content/db.php on line 263

oops against the ste

Supporter plugin is installed and activated but not configured.

Supporters only is set to No

The domain used for the administration area should be the [that entered by user]

In wp-content/db-config.php the folowing are in the global tables section

//---Global Tables

// Do not include default global tables
// Leave off base prefix (eg: wp_)
// Usage: add_global_table(TABLE_NAME)
// EX: add_global_table('something');


What I am trying unsuccessfully to do is:

Use the main site – let’s call it with dedicated IP address.

I have several other domains – let’s call them; etc hosted on a completely different reseller account.

I want people to be able to visit;; etc and see on those domains content which is being controlled/run entirely from and which will let me create blogs on both and;; etc for paying users.

I would also like blog users to be able to have their blog link through to a domain of their own – for example or and still be accessible through my site

I have root access to the dedicated server hosting the main domain and full WHM/CPanel control over the others. I own all the domain names in question so should be able to configure them correctly if someone can explain why the error ocurred and give me an idiot-proof guide to configuring things that way.