Is there an admin help or support plugin for multisites?

I have VIP support enabled through Pro Sites, and will be using it as it is designed.

But, I have a need for a GPL licensed help dashboard plugin that works in a similar manner. Basically, what I will be doing is having a coder modify the plugin to meet my needs for VA (Virtual Assistant) services as I have discussed in other threads.

I have one plugin that allows me to syndicate content to the plugins, but I am looking to offer more than just syndicated content. Possibly all site admin things that a busy professional would like to outsource. I am thinking that a help ticket type of thing could be used, with the notifications being sent to the VA as well as the Super Admin.

Does that make sense? If so, does anyone know of a free, or very cheap plugin that I could get my hands on and play with so that I could use Pro Sites to manage the levels for these VA services?

Cheerios, trail mix, and Pedio Pops to all,