Is Triden the right choice?


I’m looking to validate whether of not I’ve picked the right theme for what I’m trying to do. Currently I’ve picked Triden as this seems closest to what I need, but before I go about customising design, etc. Can I run this by you? There are also some specific questions on Triden here too!

The main URL of the site is the main MU site, where I’d like a stream of latest posts from across all blogs (have this working already). Would like to use the ‘editor’s choice’ feature, but can’t find how to manage content for that in the admin interface – can someone help me find where this is managed from?

So, so far, so good.

The site will have about 30 blogs that will all get set up once, and I’d like users to have the ability to contribute to any blog on the site, and setting up of new blogs by users will be disabled.

Every blog site will look broadly the same and have the same widgets, etc. only the blogger profile picture and about page will differ.

So one thing that’s really important to me is to not get people ‘dead ended’ into a single blog. Each blog should have latest posts from other blogs on its own pages, as well as a navigation that is more reflective of the main MU home page rather than a single user blog.

One thing I’ve not been able to do in Triden is to incorporate the latest posts from other blogs widget.

So let me recap the asks:

1 – Have I got the best theme? This is really a content site organised around ‘topics’ each of which is a blog, but the overall user flow in the site will be across a variety of blogs and not to dwell on one in particular. Is there a better theme or am I in the right area?

2 – How do I manage editor’s choice in Triden?

3 – How do I make the latest posts from other blogs widget appear on a Triden blog home page?

Thanks in advance.