Issues with member registration completion: not going to Welcome page.


I have installed the Membership plugin to restrict access to all pages generated by the Woocommerce plugin. In other words it is a members only e-commerce web site. Visitors can only access non Woocommerce related content.

In other words, when in Visitor mode, menu elements related to Woocommerce are hidden and so are any content relative to Woocommerce.

Regarding content access policies, the Membership plugin does a wonderful job – BTW thanks for the regular expression feature, listing all to-be-restricted URLs would have been a tedious job. There is no other plugin that I know of that does it with such ease and flexibility.

However there are two problems with the registration process.

Following instructions, I have set up a basic ‘free users’ access level, for site visitors who aren’t yet members.

Membership is free.

Once a visitor has become a member he has unrestricted access to the full site.

Problem #1

When a visitor registers he should theoretically be redirected to a “Registration complete” page, as defined in Options/Membership pages, which I have indeed created and selected for that purpose.

However nothing of the sort happens, instead this is what the new member sees immediately after registration:

You currently have a subscription for the “Member” subscription. If you wish to sign up a different subscription then you can do below.

Yet there is nothing “below” to be seen.

I have not defined another subscription type and do not intend to. But that isn’t the problem: the new member should be redirected to the Welcome page, should it not ?

Problem #2

For some reason, right after registration, when the aforementioned message appears, unless you manually refresh the page it looks like nothing has changed. The Visitor menu is still there. The only new visible element is that inappropriate message.

It is only when you reload the page that changes in the menu are made visible, but then another irrelevant message appears:

Please check the details of your subscription below and click on the relevant button to complete the subscription.

There are no button to click on.

Only the following text:

Member Free

You will pay : Free

(An absurd message, BTW. When the subscription is set as free, “You will pay : Free” should not appear. You should tweak that for the next version of the plugin.)

I have tried both the pop-up registration form and the regular form.

5 trials with different “new members” generated the same two problems.

Could it be related to a compatibility issue with the Woocommerce member profile ?

Could it be an issue with plugin execution order, as both use the same membership fields in the database?

I noticed it wasn’t necessary to complete the Membership registration process: clicking on any available menu element, instead of reloading the page like I mentioned above, would show the new member as registered with Woocommerce. It looks like Membership then believes the member was already registrated. Wich would explain the illogical “You currently have a subscription for the “Member” subscription” message.

Great plugin otherwise.

(The member’s login/password registered with the Membership plugin work nicely when subsequently entered in the Woocommerce login/password form. Which was to be expected but is not always the case with other membership plugins.)

I am working with a local set up (wamp).

Thanks in advance for trying to help me with these issues.