i've become confused about marketpress and paypal…

hi, i’ve installed marketpress on a multisite network and have come to wonder about the flow of cash when people buy from various sites.

i’m not selling anything myself at the main store but using the global shortcodes i am collating network wide product listings on the homepage/storefront. i guess my question is really this: if someone buys something from sites a, b, c, d and e for example will how will each site owner get the money?

does each site owner have to set up their own paypal express settings and if so what settings do i need to have for the main site? i really don’t want to have to keep account of who’s owed what and then have to wire it out to them.

i appreciate that this may have been asked somewhere else but when there are 89 pages of posts to wade through i thought i’d try fresh!

regards, jack.