Jobs + Experts

There’s a feature requests and questions here;

1. Featured image; I’d like to see the option to disable this (similar to the wysiwyg addon where you can enable and disable) as it renders horribly in full width and the documentation is very light (kind for non-existent) in respect to resizing, recommended sizes etc. So Ideally to be able to just remove the problem and “keep it clean” would be awesome.

2. I had zero luck with the demo data. I appear to have the pages created for Jobs but not Experts…so now I assume it’s a manual process to “create” pages to assign them to Experts.

3. The popup js conflicts with popular themes like Avada, hiding under the header nav, but I am pointing the issue at them since the popup works on default WP theme.

4. The virtual pages for individual postings does not allow for editing as it’s not a “page” persay and there is nothing in docs to provide info on creating the custom theme, for this page, just an “add on” which you enable.

Apart from that its fine… :slight_smile:

Any improvements would be great rather than having to modify directly, thus saving us busy work…