js errors with ultimate facebook

When I go into the network admin of my WordPress 3.5.1 site and go to the facebook tab, I get the following errors in firebug:

ReferenceError: FB is not defined
[Break On This Error]


admin....ge=wdfb (line 694)

ReferenceError: FB is not defined
[Break On This Error]

...ch(c){return _.u}},stringify:function(f){function g(c){return h.call(this,c,a)}v...

cb=gapi.loaded_0 (line 69)

Where this really shows up is on the permissions tab, it just spins and never loads.

Also on the ‘autopost to’ tab, the ‘of this user’ dropdowns are not populated.

I did test the registration though and it did work.

There is one annoying problem with the registration though and that is the popup warning:

Information from this secure page will be submitted to a page that is not secure on bargainwp.com.

Submitting sensitive information is strongly discouraged.

Obviously I am not using a cert on my site, but I can see this warning really scaring off a lot of people.

Is there a way of removing this warning, or does it come from facebook itself?

I ask, because I have tried a number of facebook registration plugins today, and this is the first time I have seen this problem.

**btw – it would be nice to see this plugin, or another one, extended to include twitter, and google+ at a minimum. While I have found many that do this, I have not found one I like much, and most all do not work with multisite.


Does anyone know how I get the registration to work with woocommerce?