File Downloads

Hello! Just looking for a recommendation…

We’re using LearnDash and the Social Learner theme.

Along with our courses in LearnDash, customers will also need to have access to downloadable content such as done for you postcards, flyers, etc. These things aren’t part of a particular course. Everyone enrolled in any course would have access to them.

My question is, aside from just putting a bunch of links to the files on a page and assigning that page the correct membership access, is there a better method to do this?

I was first considering using WooCommerce and making them all downloadable products at a cost of zero. But I didn’t want folks to have to go through a “check-out” process to download the files since they are included in their membership already.

Then I started looking at the various download manager plugins available. I was wondering if anyone uses one of these for a similar purpose? Could possibly recommend something?

Thanks for any help!!