"Latest News" without pictures

Hello all,

I’m re-posting this from the “changing head size and latest news” thread. Here’s a link to my site: http://www.suspensionrepresentation.org/

I’m utilizing the “front page settings” in the business theme options to generate my home page. The trouble I’m having is that I want the “latest news” section to display posts that don’t necessarily have a picture attached. The theme seems to expect a picture for each post (the only options regarding the pictures in that section are between sizes thumbnail, medium and large) and the result of a post being absent a photo is a white box above the post itself. Tammie seemed to insinuate I was using incorrect terminology before so I apologize if this is unclear.

Secondly, the featured front page section seems to tile its image, is there a way to turn this off?

Lastly, I would like the featured front page section to display the entirety of the text from that page rather than simply an excerpt.

Thanks for all your help guys!